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Nissan Titan - Things to Know

What Does p1564 Nissan Titan Mean?
5 days ago

P1564 OBD || trouble code is triggered in Nissan Titan when there is an issue with the cruise control system. The code indicates a problem with the clutch switch, which prevents the cruise control fro...

2008 Nissan Titan Rear Differential Replacement Cost Guide
3 months ago

While you can continue driving with a damaged car differential, it's not the wisest course of action. By delaying the repair, you risk causing further damage to other parts of your vehicle. And tr...

Here Are The 5 Nissan Titan Years to Avoid
4 months ago

Are you in the market for a used Nissan Titan? While this pickup truck has plenty of selling points, there are a few years you might want to avoid due to some common issues. From power train probl...

Nissan Titan Bad O2 Sensors: How to Diagnose & Fix
4 months ago

If you own a Nissan Titan, running into problems with the oxygen (O2) sensor can ruin a day, though it is not a very common issue.  Normally, the O2 sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exha...

How to Diagnose & Fix Common Nissan Titan Coil Pack Problems
5 months ago

Just like any vehicle, the Nissan Titan can experience some mechanical issues over time. One of which is related to faulty coil packs in its ignition system.  The coils generate an electric current...